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5 Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaners

After a long hectic day, everyone needs to relax and rest on their bed but when the bed feels more like a sandy beach then it ruins your mood and the time for rest goes into cleaning or changing the sheets which may take a bit longer and your quality time goes into cleaning.

It happened to me many times as my kids jumped onto the bedsheets after playing barefoot on the floor and you know how difficult it is to stop the kids, but then I got to know about the mattress vacuum cleaners and believe me it really worked for me.

Best Mattress vacuum cleaners clean the mattress and bedsheets effectively and sanitize them. They clear the dust, debris and allergens from the mattress. They have very powerful suction and HEPA filters that effectively clean your mattress and improve your sleep hygiene.

These are a must-have to maintain a more hygienic sleep surface. I have made a list of the best mattress cleaners that are personally used by me and my friends and are guaranteed to be the best. So let’s dig into it.

5 Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaners

1. Dyson V7 Vacuum – Best for Versatile Cleaning

The Dyson V7 vacuum is a powerful and versatile cordless vacuum cleaner that is designed to provide a convenient and effective cleaning for your home. It is engineered by DYSON which is a very well-known and authentic brand.

The Dyson V7 is a high-performance cordless vacuum that is a very lightweight and user-friendly cleaner. It is powered by Dyson digital motor v7, its remarkable suction capabilities effectively remove dirt, debris, and allergens.

The HEPA filters not only clean the mattresses and floors but also improve the air quality you breathe in. It comes with multiple attachments including a combination tool, crevice tool, and a mini motorized tool. These accessories help in cleaning the mattress and area rugs more effectively.

It comes with a long-lasting lithium battery that provides 30 minutes of suction on a single charge. 

The vacuum’s hygienic point-and-shoot bin emptying mechanism is best for those who have dust allergies as it allows you to clean the dustbin by simply pointing it to the dustbin and pulling the liver to expose the dirt without getting into direct contact.

DYSON V7 is a very effective, durable, and reliable cleaning tool. It operates with a very minimal noise and offers a very peaceful cleaning environment.


    • It boasts a powerful suction and cleans dirt, debris, and allergens from mattresses and other surfaces effectively.

    • It comes with multiple attachments that can be used for other surface cleanings like floor and holes.

    • It is equipped with HEPA filters that not only clean your mattress but also improve air quality in your room.


    • Its dustbin is a bit smaller, so it needs to be emptied frequently.

    • It has a limited battery life of 30 minutes, which may not be sufficient for immense cleaning.

PS: I also have used it and it is my favourite mattress vacuum cleaner so it’s highly recommended from my side.


2. Shark Cordless WV201BK WANDVAC-Best Lightweight Matteress Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Cordless WV201BK WANDVAC Vacuum Cleaner is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for mattresses. It is designed with exceptional attention to detail, it is very easy and convenient to use.

It weighs around 1.4 pounds, which is super easy to carry and use. It is small in size but still, it has a powerful robust suction motor that sucks the dust, tiny bugs and allergens from your bed. Its lightweight ease in cleaning every corner of your bed. The best thing about it is its one-touch cleaning mechanism, due to it you do not have to touch the dust bag, you can simply clear the dust bag by pressing a button. It comes with a non-removable 10.8V lithium-ion battery.


Along with a mattress, you can also clean furniture, upholstery and other surfaces of your home. The Shark Cordless WV201BK WANDVAC Vacuum Cleaner is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a lighter yet effective solution for cleaning their mattresses and helps you maintain a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.



    • It weighs just 14 pounds which makes it very convenient and portable.

    • It provides a very powerful robust suction motor.

    • Its simple one-touch mechanism makes it easy to empty.

    • Its washable HEPA filters maintain a clean indoor environment


    • The dustbin that comes with it is a bit smaller.

    • It has a limited run time of 15 minutes.

PS: despite having a runtime of 15 minutes it is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner because it hardly takes 10 minutes to vacuum your mattress, so battery timing won’t be an issue.


3. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Mattress Cleaner Machine – Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Black + Decker Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Mattress Cleaner Machine is a top-notch cordless vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is designed to offer a highly effective and convenient cleaning solution for your mattress. Its handheld and cordless design allows it to move freely and is very helpful in a wide range of other cleaning tasks too.

It also comes with a powerful robust suction motor that effectively cleans dust, dirt and debris from your mattress in a very effective way which enhances your sleep environment and hygiene. 

With its specialized HEPA filters it cleans the indoor air and traps the microscopic particles.

It is very lightweight and also comes with an ergonomic handle, which provides a very comfortable grip. It provides a quick-release dustbin mechanism which prevents mess and ensures a hygienic operation.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery with a runtime of up to 30 minutes.

Versatility is the emblem of BLACK+DECKER Cordless Mattress Cleaner, which makes it suitable for cleaning upholstery and furniture along with mattresses. 


BLACK+DECKER Cordless Mattress Cleaner is the best choice for those who are looking for a portable vacuum for cleaning other surfaces, not only mattresses.



    • With its cordless design, you can move around freely.

    • It improves indoor air quality with its robust suction motor and HEPA filters.

    • It is very lightweight and easy to handle.

    • Its quick-release mechanism provides a very hygienic operation.


    • It may require recharging during long cleaning sessions.

    • The dustbin capacity is a bit smaller.

PS: The dustbin capacity is small but for mattresses, we don’t need a full-size dust bag so you can surely consider buying this one.

4. Raycop Mattress Vacuum – Best for Allergen Removal

The Raycop Mattress Vacuum is a remarkable cleaning device that transforms your sleep environment into a haven of hygiene. It is engineered by Raycop to remove allergens and microscopic particles from your mattress.

Its dual filtration system is its standout feature. It effectively removes dust mites, bacteria, and allergens from your mattress and upholstery by using its powerful UV light. Its HEPA filters trap the tiny dust particles and allergens ensuring your indoor air is clean and breathable. 


The dual defence approach of UV light and HEPA filters provides a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment, especially for those who suffer from any kind of dust or pollen allergies. It is very gentle and safe for all mattress types.


Raycop Mattress Vacuum comes with a lithium-ion battery which can stand up to 40 minutes. Also, it features a simple-to-use dustbin that can be emptied easily in your trash can.  It is best for people having allergies because it provides a thorough cleaning and is best for quality sleep. 



    • The UV-C light and HEPA filters effectively remove allergens and dust mites.

    • It offers a long runtime of 40 minutes.

    • It is suitable for versatile cleaning such as mattresses, upholstery, and other surfaces 


    • It does not perform general cleaning tasks (hard floors and carpets) other than mattress cleaning that effectively.

PS: It is the best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light, among all the vacuums I tried for this research.


5. Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner – Best UV Lamp

The Housemile mattress vacuum cleaner is designed to enhance the hygiene and cleanliness of your mattress and home. Its standout feature is its powerful UV lamp which is the reason for its outstanding performance. 

The germicidal properties of UV light eliminate and deactivate the dust mites, bacteria, and allergens present on your mattress. 

This cutting-edge technology helps in creating a healthier sleeping environment.The HEPA filters used in the Housmile mattress enhance its cleaning capability by trapping microscopic particles of dust and ensuring that they do not re-enter your living space. It is very lightweight and portable, you can move it around your house easily. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which offers a runtime of 30 minutes on a full charge, which i more than enough for cleaning your mattress.


It offers a one-click disposal mechanism which makes the process of cleaning very user-friendly. It is the best vacuum for people having allergies or any kind of respiratory problems.


    • It effectively eliminates all germs and allergens using its UV light.

    • It provides a long runtime of 30 minutes.
    • Its cordless design helps you clean the corners of your mattress effectively.


    • It is specifically designed for mattresses only.

PS: Its UV light makes it one of the best bed vacuum cleaners and is best for people having allergies or respiratory problems.


Why Should we Buy a Mattress Vacuum Cleaner?

Buying a mattress cleaner helps you maintain a healthier and cleaner sleeping environment. Here are the benefits you get from a mattress cleaner:

  • Reduces the allergens:

A mattress cleaner effectively removes allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen that are harboured by mattresses.

  • Improves hygiene and offers better sleep:

Over time, mattresses can gather dead cells, sweat, and other bodily fluids. A mattress vacuum helps in cleaning these stains and provides a hygienic sleep environment and knowing that your mattress is clean, you will get a better sleep.

  • Increases the lifespan of the mattress:

When you clean your mattress regularly, it reduces the buildup of contaminants that cause wear and tear of your mattress and increases the life span of the mattress.

  • Provides health benefits and peace of mind:

Mattress cleaners are best for people having any kind of allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma or other skin sensitivities. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that your bed is clean from potentially harmful micro-organisms

Buying guide:

    • Purpose 

Determine the purpose you are buying mattress cleaner for, whether it is for removing allergens, stains, or both. Do you want it for deep cleaning or quick touch-ups?

    • Allergen filtration

Look for a high-efficiency filtration system such as HEPA filters to effectively trap the dust and allergens and prevent them from re-entering the air.

    • Suction power

Look for a medium to high suction power cleaner(4000 – 6000 pa) for efficient removal of dirt, allergens, and debris from your mattress.

    • Attachments

Choose a cleaner that comes with various attachments so you can use the same vacuum for other cleanings too such as upholstery, curtains, and furniture.

    • Corded vs. Cordless

Decide whether you want a corded or cordless vacuum, cordless vacuums offer more flexibility as compared to corded vacuums.

    • Runtime

If you want a cordless vacuum then go for a longer runtime of up to 25 to 30 mins with a lithium-ion battery. Whereas runtime is not an issue in corded vacuums.

    • Noise level

If you want a quieter and peaceful cleaning environment then look for a model designed for quieter operations. 

    • Weight and Moveability

Prefer a lightweight and flexible cleaner as it is easy to handle and move around your bed.

    • Dustbin capacity

Smaller dustbins need to be emptied and cleaned frequently, if it is an issue for you then go for vacuums with larger capacity bins.

    • Price

Set a budget, compare the features of vacuums that fall in your range and buy what suits you.



    • Can I use a mattress vacuum cleaner on other surfaces, like upholstery or curtains?

Yes, a mattress cleaner can be used on curtains, upholstery and furniture as well.

    • How often should I vacuum my mattress?

The frequency of cleaning your mattress depends on various features such as allergies, stains or having pets. If you have any kind of skin allergy or asthma, it’s better to clean your mattress twice a month. If you have pets then it is better to clean the mattress every two to three days. 

    • Can I use a regular vacuum cleaner on my mattress?

Yes, a regular vacuum cleaner can be used on a mattress with attachments like a brush or an upholstery tool.


Just like other cleanings, cleaning your mattress is also very important as it captures the dead cells, sweat, and other fluids from your body which can cause the growth of germs and other micro-organisms. 

Who wants to sleep on a mattress with dust and allergens? Also, it’s not good for your health because these organisms can enter your body when you are asleep and cause problems like asthma.

A mattress cleaner is a must-have, it improves the quality of your sleep and provides a hygienic sleeping environment. There are some things to keep in mind before buying a mattress cleaner such as filters and suction power etc. that I have mentioned in the buying guide, if you have missed it, go check it now.

Callum Stokes is a renowned house cleaning expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. As a lead writer for, he shares invaluable insights on innovative cleaning solutions and the latest vacuum technologies.

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